Production Engineer (Casper, WY)

Production and Facilities-related responsibilities

• Assist Production Manager in designing and bidding production and facilities equipment, preparing AFEs, and supervising construction

• Assist in monitoring, controlling, and reducing field costs including LOE

• During new-well flowback operations

Receive well in handover after drill-out

Overview flowback team and confirm measurement techniques, volumes, stocks, rates, etc. are all measuring accurately and are reported correctly

Turn wells over to production battery

Track costs and operations reporting

• Assist in designing and implementing Artificial Lift, including monitoring 3rd party service providers, costs, and reporting during operations

• Assist in implementing and monitoring automated production reporting systems

Data Management-related responsibilities

• Receive and organize all operations reports from non-op working interest partners

• Review non-op activity and provide updates to Operations Team

• Organize and distribute Titan operational reports to partners

• Preparing APDs

Prepare Drilling & Completions programs for APD submissions

Talk with BLM engineers to find resolution on any permit application deficiencies

For BLM APDs – line out water sources, access routes, etc. and provide to team

Liaise with external engineers as they provide technical services to Titan

Community Engagement

• Conduct informal on-site reviews with landowners ahead of official on-sites

• Identify potential water sources, pits, disposal and freshwater wells, with landowners

General expectations

• Represent Titan in the community as a local representative of the Company

• Engage with industry representatives as appropriate

• Attend team meetings on a regular basis

• Take part in corporate planning meetings

•Work closely with field personnel and Production Manager on all aspects of field management

• Track and ensure all activities and equipment meet internal Titan standards and protocols

• Assist in general office duties as needed

The job is based in Casper, WYwhere candidate will work with small local team in Casper and coordinate, communicate and function with larger team based in Denver, CO.

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